How To Get Beautiful Straight Lines


Have you ever seen a wall a wall that was done so beautifully? Lines that were so crisp? Have you ever wondered, “How did these painters do that?”. My name is Kyler, I own Dream Painting and today I’m going to teach you how we, at Dream Painting, get straight lines.

So the five things you’ll need to get these nice straight lines is a paint brush, a wet rag, a caulking tube, blue tape and your desired paint color.

So now that we know we’re going to make straight lines on this wall he have to figure out what style we are going to go with. And since this is a blue accent wall and we have the surrounding colors as white, we’re to put a white boarder across the blue accent wall.

So the first step is to tape off the blue accent wall. And so how far do we tape down from the ceiling to the wall? We’re going to tape 1/8th of an inch onto the wall. So you can see I’ve already done this side (left wall) and across the ceiling top. There’s about 1/8th inch space between the ceiling and the wall.

Now that we’ve taped the and caulked the tape we’re going to take a wet rag and wipe the caulking off. It’s very important to wipe off the caulking otherwise it will get clumpy and it will stick to the wall. Now it’s time to paint!

We’re going going to paint the boarder of this tape and then we’ll peel the tape!

No we’re on the last step we’re going to peel the tape and the one thing you want to think about when you’re peeling the tape is to peel it at a 45 degree angle.

So now that I’ve shown you how easy it can be to get nice straight lines, let me know if there’s something else you’d like to see down below in the comments. Otherwise if you have an upcoming paint project and you have any questions on that or feel it’s a little to overwhelming and want some help give me a call! Again my name is Kyler, I’m with Dream Painting and I’m here to Paint Your Dreams Into Reality!